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The Ultimate Guide to becoming a Great Police Officer  - A guide for Professional Policing (2017)

​This book is for anyone who is interested in becoming a police officer or who is already a police officer.  For those seeking careers in law enforcement, just starting out, or those who want new tips and to brush up my hope is you will find value in this book. This book is also great for those who supervise, train, or teach officers. The book offers a blended academic and practitioner based approach to learning and understanding the skills needed to be a great officer. The book goes into detail about how to prepare for a law enforcement career, how to master the skills needed to be successful during training and throughout one’s career, how to act ethically, how to think critically and use excellent decision-making skills, and how to effectively communicate verbally, in writing, and through body language. The book also goes into detail regarding patrol issues such as policing strategies, patrol techniques, enforcement issues, officer survival, and the use of force. The book provides an in-depth discussion of investigative techniques, how to deal with juveniles, understanding the use of intelligence, and report writing. Finally, the book discusses liability issues and how to deal with complaints or avoid them in the first place. The book wraps up with tips on managing your career and ending your tour of duty and moving on after having served your community, state, and country. This book offers a deep blend of the most useful and impactful information one would learn when melding police academy training with the core academic courses offered in a criminal justice degree. To my knowledge there are no books on the market that blends core academic topics with foundational police academy training material.  

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The Ultimate Guide to Excellent Public Service Leadership and Management (2018)

This book is for anyone who is interested in becoming a leader/manager or who already is in such position. For those seeking such responsibilities or promotion, those just starting out in a leadership position, or those who want to learn new tips and to brush up, my hope is that you will find value in this book. Public service includes—but is not limited to—emergency management, emergency medical services, military personnel, fire, first responders, corrections officers, law enforcement, dispatchers / 911 operators, probation and parole officers, transportation, social services, and the list goes on. These servants can be found at the local, state, and federal levels. The principles and concepts in this book are just as useful to those in the private sector who have similar duties, as well as volunteer groups. We will go into detail about how to be the best leader you can be. As a caveat, the term leader will mainly be used throughout the book. As you will see, there are differences between leaders and managers, but one key point of this book is that one must strive to be both a leader and a manager.

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​​​​​ Ultimate Guide to Excellent Teaching and Training - Face-to-Face and Online (2015) 

Book Synopsis

This book is for anyone interested or involved in teaching, training, or instructing, whether you are just getting into the field or thinking about it or you have been teaching for decades. It is for those who administer teaching, training, or instructing. The book was written for academics and those who teach in academies and other professional adult learning environments. The book’s contents are applicable to all types of colleges, be they community colleges, four-year colleges, or universities, both private and public, for profit or nonprofit. Most professional practitioner–type instructors go through some sort of instructor school, teachers earn degrees in teaching, but many who teach or instruct are never trained or taught how to teach or train. Few professors are taught how to teach. They have been taught, so this is where they often draw their own teaching styles. Regardless of where you teach, train, or instruct, this book and its contents are for you. The book goes into great detail regarding face-to-face classes as well as online and other delivery methods. The lessons found in this book can be applied to new students, undergraduate, or graduate students. The lessons apply equally to basic, in-service, and specialized training.

My hope is that no matter how great of an instructor you are, you will find many new nuggets of information that will add to your teaching toolbox. One of my goals in life is to leave a positive lasting impact. I want to help students and other instructors recognize and reach their full potential. I want you to be the best instructor you can be. I strongly believe we impact people all the time whether we know it or not. You can and will make a big difference in your students’ lives.

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Analyzing Leadership Styles of Incident Commanders (2009) PhD Dissertation


In this mixed methods study, the prevalence of transformational, transactional, and laissez-faire leadership styles among incident commanders during incidents that utilized a unified command was examined. Furthermore, differences between disciplines in leadership styles were investigated. The problem addressed was that it is currently unknown whether there is a dominant leadership style associated with incident commanders during an incident. The focal events of interest in this study were fatal crashes involving large commercial vehicles in Virginia during 2006 that utilized a unified command/team response. Thirteen agencies with emergency response roles participated in this study. Data were collected from incident commanders representing six police agencies, six fire agencies, and one transportation agency. These agencies were dispersed geographically across the state.

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The Ultimate Guide to becoming a Great Public Safety Leader and Manager (Available 2018)